What's new with the White House Hashers?
Meet the White House Hashers and the WH4 MisManagement!

Attention hares! Your White House Hare Razor needs your help! Avoid some old-fashioned crass plucking by signing up to hare today! Check the hareline and (get in) touch (with) the Hare Razor to get your date.

As always, send wh4 web-related complaints, bribes, and virgin offerings to WH4 MisManagement .

Follow WH4HareRazor on Twitter           Also, see what's happening at Beltway Bob's Happy Hour every Friday.


Spinal Tap doesn't always hash. But when he does, it's with WH4!

 Pre-orders for White House 2014 Get a Life shirts now available. 

This year's WH4 GAL shirts feature the ever-important life advice from The Most Interesting Man at the Hash and are straight up boss. And if you want to be a boss too, you should pre-order one. Seriously. Even if your name isn't featured. But especially if your name is featured. Because nothing says "cool" like showing that you run with White House H3. Nothing.

So check out the full design determine your size, and  email WH4's haberdasher, Areola 51, your order. Want to pre-pay?  That's awesome, thanks for offering! Pay $20 for your fabulous tech shirt.  Then sit back and wait for the greatness to arrive. We'll put order in on Monday January 19th. Shirts will be in around the end of the month.

** And don't worry--if you're not local but would like a shirt, we can make that happen for you too! Shipping is an additional $6.**


Interested in giving back to the hash?
Want to hare? Email the harerazor
Want to brew crew? Email the brewmeister
Don't want to spend time, but have money?
Donate to the beer van! Email Van Gogh


Going Green

White House H3 would like to remind you all that we are an environmentally friendly hash. As such, we'd like to encourage everyone to bring your own reusable* mugs to the hash. This especially goes for those of you who have 25 run mugs. You may even get get lucky if you do! You have no more excusex.

* reusable doesn't mean that you shouldn't at least rinse out your mug once in a while...


"My Favorite Things"
Blow jobs and rubbing and intimate touching
Pussies and Fucking followed by more sucking
Handcuffs and dildos; girls tied up in string
These are a few of my favorite things!
When condoms break
When my girl's late
When I itch from crabs
I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don't feel so bad!



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